Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I should have updated my blog like I said I would

Updating my blog:

I will try really hard this time, and I mean it (sort of).

Here is the work I have done for my first semester of visual development, and my first semester of 3D modeling (Maya):


Project 1 - A Kitchen

Kitchen Studies:

Kitchen Pieces:

Project 2 - A Treehouse

Project 3 - A Donut Shop

Project 4 - Circus Act

The chimpanzee menagerie, starring chimps dressed in all kinds of gear and wimps dressed from ear to ear!


I also did these:

That is that, for that.


I only have a few pieces that are worth calling my own. The rest turned out fine but were very paint-by-numbers. The following are the projects that I had enough creative freedom that I could say that they are mine. Mine:

Project 1 - An Ottoman

Project 1 - A Pincushion

This is my mother's pincushion. I took it.